2022 Programs

(Zoom or Hybrid)

 January 8

Joe Ide

"Writing the Killer Crime Novel"

February 12

Jasmin Iolani Hakes

"You Are What Happens To You"

March 12

Henry Neff

"Villains Stir the Plot"

April 9

Joy Lanzendorfer

"Writing the Historical Family Novel"

  May 14

Jordan Rosenfeld

"Evoking Emotion Through Character"

June 11

Sheree Greer

"On Setting in Fiction"

July 9

Jonathan Maberry

"Crossing Genre Lines"

August 13

Jane Cleland

"Say What? Writing Dialogue That Sings"

 September 10

Gayle Carline

"What's the Point? Story, Subtext,

and Plot"

October 8

Tessa Smith McGovern

“Your Outreach to Readers:

Tips for collecting an email list and landing reviews" 

November 12

Veronica Rossi

"Your Mission Statement"

December 10

Annual Holiday Networking Party

and Open Mic



 Jan. 14 - Anne Cleeland "How to Quit Your Day  Job: Writing for Fun and Profit"


 Feb. 11  - Mark Sevi "Central Story Solutions"


 March 11 - Joe Donnelly " Writing Sucks but Having Written is Best"


 April 8 - Gustavo Hernandez " How Setting  Amplifies Writing"


May 13 - Greta Boris and Megan Haskell "Seven Steps fo your Author Brand"


June 10 - A children's book themed program


July 8 - Summer Open Mike


August 12 - Jeri Westerson

"From Historical Mystery to Modern Marketing"


September - Laurie Stevens "Branching Beyond the Thriller Genre" 


October 14 - Dr. Christina LePort 

"My Journey to Publishing, No Luck  Involved" 


November 11 - Dr. Pat Spencer "Yes! You Can Traditionally Publish Withouth An Agent"


 December 11 - Winter Fest (socializing, networking, holiday treats and a speaker or panel or open mic).














2021 - Zoom

January 9- Rachel Howzell Hall

February 13 - Jeri Westerson

March 13 - Matt Coyle

April 10 - Teresa Burrell

May 8 - Martin Smith

June 12 - Buddy Wakefield

July 10 - Deborah A. Lott

August 14 - Barbara DeMarco Barrett 

September 11 - P.J. Colando

October 9 - Seth Wagerman

November 13 - Dennis Crosby

December 11 - Virtual Holiday Party and Open MicZoom

This is just a sample of our programs. Our speakers date back to our founding in 2007



January 13 - Pam Sheppard - "2024: This Is Your Year to Write That Book"


February 10 - Ruby Molina - "Where Do We Look First? Best Practices for Library Research for Writers"


April 13 Nancy Lynee Woo - Poetry for Poets and Writers of Prose


 May 11 - Russ Thompson - "How to Self-Publish on Amazon: A Live Demonstration"