The California Writers Club of Long Beach is one of 22 branches in the state organization. Membership in the Long Beach branch is open to professional and aspiring writers and non-writing literary experts. Publication is not a requirement of membership.


Our mission is to help writers with the craft and marketing of their work.


The monthly speaker's program features authors on a variety of topics across writing genres. Programs range from craft to inspiration to technology for writers (see the Past and Future speakers tab). The Club offers members opportnities for networking, fellowship,  mentoring, and reading samples of their work during open mic programs once or twice a year.



New Membership: $65.


If joining between January 1 and March 1, half-year initial dues are $42.50.

Mid-year and standard new membership include a one-time processing fee of $20. This $20 fee will be required again if a membership lapses and the former member wishes to rejoin.   

Questions? Contact Membership Chair Frank Kearns at

If you wish an application, please click on download link below